AJF Landscapes has been building water features in essex since1988. Water feature construction has been one of the features that has stayed firm in an ever changing market.We aim to provide a professional yet relaxed and flexible service.

Water Features.

I have found over the years that many people find the sound or movement of a water feature beneficial to relaxation, but also adds a bit of life to a garden. Whether it be a large or small water feature.

Many people think of the health and saftey aspects of having a water feature, especially when children are around. A small sump can be sunk into a patio, lawn or even a flower bed, this is then covered with a thick galvanised metal mesh. The mesh is then covered with an aggregate of your choosing. A pump is sunk into the sump and pumped out over the aggregate to creat movement and sound, may be even lite up. The water can be pumped over a monolith or stone ball, even just let it bubble away on its own.

Once the water feature is built the area around it can be landscaped to your requirements. All are very pleasing the the eye and ear.

Natural Water Features.

Alot of people ask me about natural habits in a average suburban garden. Very garden can have its own wildlife friendly area and look pleasing to the eye. This is where a small or medium water feature come into its own. With rock to surround the pond caves are formed for frogs, newts etc. The correct planting within the pond will create a clear and balanced pond attracting, butterflys, hoverflys, even dragon flys.

Add a water fountain and or waterfall then the water is kept moving and filter, plus also you get the benefit of the visual/ sound effects. If the waterfall is long enough then the local bird population may pop in for a bath now and again (please provide towels!).

A natural water feature is an amazing addition to any garden and can be made child and animal friendly. They can be made out of pvc/ rubber liners, concrete lined, fibre glass, concrete blocks and then rubberised.

How to contact us if you are interested in information regarding a water feature.

Please email us on tony@ajf-landscapes.co.uk or ring 01376 528780. Thank you.


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