Having been in the Landscaping business since 1988 I have covered a very varied amount of jobs. In this Gallery area I will be adding many pictures from the smallest of jobs right up to ones that have cost ten of thousands of pounds. The pictures will hopefully help with the imagination side of things when your thinking about building a new garden or just updating an old one. I also carry a portfolio with me when seeing new clients for them to browse through.

Before the work started!. See the picture to the right.

Indian Sand Stone path with Pine sleeper edge and new Lawn. New Pine Pergola supporting an old Wisteria.

A large Indian sand stone patio in Rippon, this patio includes a 2.8m Rippon circle with squaring off kit.

Large Indian sand stone Rippon patio, with Rippon copping stone. In this image the patio is wet. Products can be brought to seal the patio in this way.

Small Indian sand stone patio in Autumn Brown.

Small sand stone patio with 100mm set edge. New Pine sleeper edge and new lawn.

This was a wild area for staff to enjoy, not much fun plenty of nettles.

The area was killed off and raked, levelled. Mypex membrane pinned down and covered with swaves of colour stone and lightly planted up in between. For a small sitting area a 2.8m stone circle patio was laid in the sunniest corner.

A more colourfull staff area from the picture to the left.

Even though a large are, this should stay low maintenance with a little prune twice a year and some bio-degradable weed killer.

Small court yard are before Pergola and Trellis

The Pergola and Trellis add privacy but also make this small area a little room. Now covered in Wisteria.

The area before we started our work on building a new slightly raised lawn.

The new lawn. The turf was laid on screened topsoil and sand to aid drainage and aeration. See before picture to the left.

An average size new garden but very over looked. The picture to the right shows what we built.

A much more secluded area to relax and enjoy a few beers!!!!.

Just a fun picture of our baby duck catching a lift from mum!.

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